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Bringing German Hammer Guns Back Into the Field

The first is to bring them back physically, so they are safe, reliable, and preserved for decades more of use.

Engraved on sidelock of the 12-gauge Franz Kettner external hammer shotgun in photograph 1 above is a wonderful scene off flushing game birds. This photograph also shows the outcome every hunter hopes for in such a situation. The game birds in the engraving are most likely hazel grouse or grey partridge; the photograph shows a ruffed grouse. The scene in the engraving probably came from the Thuringian forests at the end of the 19th century; the photograph was taken in northern Maine this past October.

There are two general conditions necessary to bring back into the field many of the century-old German hammer guns sitting in gun cabinets in the United States, a large percentage of which were brought here by returning soldiers after World War Il.

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